Life Insurance for Marijuana Users - Underwriting and Approval

Conditions that Affect Price and Insurability

When you apply for life insurance, the insurance carrier is risking a large payout if you die.  So the better health you are in, the better your rates will be.  If you have major health problems like diabetes or cancer, you will be declined and your premium will be returned.

The carriers that we represent have agreed to cover occasional marijuana users, but will decline people who they deem to be “abusers”, or if they think there may be addiction or other substance abuse problems.

Your rates can also be affected by weight, and other health conditions you may have.

Finally, risky activities and occupations could cause you to be declined or rated-up.  So if you participate in sports like motor racing, hang-gliding, or helicopter skiing; or if you have a job as an explosives handler or firefighter, please contact me before submitting your application so I can give you the best guidance on what your rate will be, and whether you risk being declined.

No Medical Exam Term Life Inusrance

If you have any specific questions regarding your situation, just let me know.  You can email, or call me directly at 800-913-3418.


Wiley Long

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     From our clients...

I had actually been declined already when I came upon 420 Life Insurance.  Tim was great to work with, answered all my questions, and I'm happy to say now I have a million dollars in life insurance coverage.

T. Manley
Boulder, CO

Tim, thanks for the help!  This is something that my wife's been asking me to do for a long time, glad to finally check it off the list.

R. Anissimov
Portland, OR

I had a court order to get life insurance and wasn't sure what I was going to do.  I have two other friends in a similar situation that you should be hearing from soon.

G. Bell
Brentwood, TN



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