Life Insurance for Marijuana Smokers Frequently Asked Questions

What type of insurance is this?

This is Term Life Insurance, the type that many financial experts recommend to provide the highest amount of coverage at the lowest cost.  With this plan you choose the term – typically 10, 20, or 30 years - and your rates are will not go up for the full term of the policy.

Why haven’t I been able to find life insurance that will cover me?

Underwriters are very conservative people, and there’s still an idea among them that “drug users” are a high risk.  Whether they are worried about criminal behavior or a gateway theory that you will eventually become a meth addict, the unfortunate fact is that millions of people have been declined because of their marijuana use.

Why should I go through

We are serious insurance agents with decades in the business.  We also believe that everyone should have access to life insurance, and that marijuana use does not constitute a risk factor that should prevent you from getting coverage.  With us you will receive expert advice, along with total privacy and discretion.

Will I have to pay smokers rates?

We have found a few companies that will rate you as a non-smoker, even if you use marijuana a couple times a week.  This can dramatically reduce your premiums, though you will still not qualify for the lowest premiums.

Will my marijuana use be reported to any federal officials or law enforcement agencies?

HIPPA regulations require that all medical records be kept private, and cannot be shared with anyone without your permission.

As part of the application process, you will be required to release your information to the Medical Information Bureau (MIB).  This is a non-government entity (similar to the credit bureau), that may share this information with other insurance companies if you give your permission.  The government does not have access to MIB records.

What if I just don’t admit using pot?

A blood test is done to measure THC.  If you answer untruthfully and they discover THC in the blood test, you will be declined.  If they don’t test you at the time of application, they could possibly deny paying a claim within the first 2 years of coverage if they later determined you had used marijuana.

What if I have a doctor’s recommendation to use medical marijuana?

Having a doctor's recommendation will not improve your odds of getting life insurance.  In fact, if you use marijuana to treat a real medical condition, that medical issue will also affect whether you qualify for coverage, and may also affect the premium.  (Having a doctor's recommendation though, can certainly keep you out of legal trouble in some states!)

Does this policy require a medical exam?

Yes, the insurance carrier will send someone to your home or place of business to do a paramed exam, in which they will measure your blood pressure and weight, take a blood and urine sample, and confirm your answers on the application.

Can I get my own drug test done without anyone else knowing the results?

Yes, if you want to get tested before you apply, see this page for a low-cost option I've arranged for our clients and visitors.

Does marijuana use affect life insurance rates?

Marijuana users will not qualify for the very lowest rates (less than 5% of non-users qualify at this level), but if you do not use tobacco and are in excellent health you may be able to qualify for the next lowest level.

Can you be denied life insurance for marijuana use?

Yes, most carriers do deny marijuana users.  We have contracted with a select group of companies that will accept occasional users, but have not found any company that will insure admitted daily users.

Do the rates go up?

No.  The rates are guaranteed to remain level (or the same) for the original term of the policy.

Can I change my beneficiary?

The beneficiary is the person who will receive payment if you die, and can be changed at any time.

How will I be billed?

The premiums can be charged to your credit card, or directly deducted from your checking account.

Can I cancel?

Yes, you can cancel at any time.  From the date that you are covered, you have 30-days to review your policy and cancel for a full refund of the premium paid during the first month.  You can also call at any time after that to receive instructions about submitting your cancellation request in writing, and there will be no future billing of premium.

When is coverage effective?

You are covered as soon are you approved – usually within 2 – 3 weeks after your paramed exam.

What is the Medical Information Bureau?

It is a confidential, not-for-profit database used by insurance companies throughout North America.  The insurance company uses it to conduct a quick check of the medical information provided on your application to ensure that there is nothing in the database that conflicts with the answers you have provided to us.  You can read more here.

I am currently pregnant. What weight should be provided (pre-pregnancy or current)?

We request your weight immediately PRIOR to the current pregnancy.

If I am a U.S. citizen that later leaves the country, am I still covered?

Yes.  As long as you were a U.S. citizen when coverage was elected, you would be covered.

Is this legitimate?

Yes, the insurance companies we represent all carry an A.M. Best rating of A- or better.  They are simply more reasonable than other companies and have agreed to offer coverage to people who occasionally use marijuana.

What if I have more questions?

Just give me a call.  My direct line is 800-913-3418, and my name is Justin Brogdon.  Or email me at

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