How We Help Marijuana Smokers Obtain Affordable Term Life Insurance

Wiley Long

Hi, I’m Wiley Long, and I personally take care of every application and every client we have here at  Our objective is to help you find affordable life insurance, that you can actually qualify for, with an easy and confidential process.

In our years in the insurance business, my partners and I have seen numerous people denied coverage as a result of marijuana use.  Despite the fact that marijuana is probably the safest recreational drug around, users are regularly discriminated against, while tobacco and alcohol users are quickly approved.

It was in an effort to help people like this that we formed 420LifeInsurance.  After an exhaustive search we have identified a handful of insurance companies that have agreed to offer coverage to pot smokers.  These are all mainstream, financially strong, A-rated insurance companies.'s Facebook Page Become a fan on Facebook.'s Twitter Follow us on Twitter. View our Blog.

Here to Make it Easy

Everyone who has dependents knows they need life insurance.  But if you’ve tried to get coverage and been denied, if you don’t feel like sharing your personal habits with your local agent, or if you just don’t know how much coverage to get – we’re here to make it easy.

To calculate the amount of coverage you need, just follow the chart on our How to Choose a Plan page.  To apply, simply run a quote and click the Apply button.  Or print out the application and fax it to us at 866-284-0082. The application takes no more than 10 minutes to fill out.

And finally, if you need any assistance or have questions, just let me know.  You can call me directly at 800-913-3418, or email me at

And More About Me

I believe that people should be free to do what they please, as long as they are not harming others, or interfering with their rights.

I believe in cognitive freedom. Anything you do regarding your mind and cognition should be your business, and no one else’s.

I believe in freedom of inquiry. To declare that a substance is so evil that it is not worthy of study - as is pretty-much the case with all Schedule 1 drugs - is stupid.

Lastly, I believe that users of marijuana deserve fair underwriting, and honest expert counsel when it comes to life insurance.

In my business life I have been in the insurance world since 1987, and have helped thousands of individuals with life insurance, health insurance, critical illness coverage, and more.

I have a wife who is a veterinarian, and a son in high school. When I’m not working, you can find me at music festivals in southern California, or maybe down at Rosarito Beach in Mexico, or trying to keep up with my son on a mountain bike trail somewhere.

Let Me Know How I Can Help

Here’s the bottom line – I’m here to help you.  I’ll let you know what I think your best options are, I’ll help you through the process, and I’ll be here any time you have any questions.

If you have a quick question, feel free to email me.  You are welcome to call, and if I am not in an appointment I'll be available to talk right then.

Best regards,

Wiley Long

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  Instant Quotes

     From our clients...

I had actually been declined already when I came upon 420 Life Insurance.  Tim was great to work with, answered all my questions, and I'm happy to say now I have a million dollars in life insurance coverage.

T. Manley
Boulder, CO

Tim, thanks for the help!  This is something that my wife's been asking me to do for a long time, glad to finally check it off the list.

R. Anissimov
Portland, OR

I had a court order to get life insurance and wasn't sure what I was going to do.  I have two other friends in a similar situation that you should be hearing from soon.

G. Bell
Brentwood, TN