How to Order Your Own Low-Cost Lab Tests

Get Inexpensive Drug Tests, With Complete Privacy

You have a right to know what your blood tests show, without a prescription.  In most states you can get this information without having any doctor or other official involved.

If you are interested in seeing what your blood tests show regarding marijuana usage, I recommend you use the online lab service that we have made special arrangements with. 

Life insurance underwriters typically test for marijuana metabolites in the blood.  If you are no longer a marijuana user, you want to make sure that your blood test results are not in conflict with the information on your application.  This test will help protect you if you were at a party and, say, accidentally ate one of the “special” brownies ;-).

As a service to our clients and visitors, we have set up an arrangement with Direct Labs.  You can join for free, and then order whatever tests you wish.  You may also want to test cholesterol levels, or have a comprehensive wellness profile done.

I’ve found these rates to be 40 – 80 percent lower than if done through a doctor’s office.  You simply have your blood drawn, and you can then access your data online within 48 hours.

To get pricing on tests and to order yours, go to the Direct Labs website, there’s no cost to sign up.  Tell them Tim sent you.


Wiley Long